Delaware Data Inventory

  • Ponds and Lakes – all the ponds and lakes in Delaware for 2008 and 2010
  • Address Points – all different address with zips, cross streets, address, x/y coords
  • Annexations – Lists all the annexations from in Delaware including acreage, year annexed, and other address properties
  • Archeological – Just points of archeologically interesting sites but with no other information
  • Bench Marks – different gps coordinates for what seems like a survey
  • Building Outlines – has every building with zoning type, building type, and coordinates
  • Census Block – looks like the census blocks for Delaware county
  • Census Block Group – census blocks grouped into much larger sets (groups)
  • Census Tract – census tracts (larger than groups)
  • Economic Development – Different count shape layers Tax Increment Financing, Community Development Projects, Abated Parcels, and Community Reinvestment Authority combined with Enterprise Zones. Each zone has different zones (TIF) or parcels with addresses.
  • Farmlots – All of the farm locations
  • Flood 100y – Shows floodplain for 100y flood
  • Flood 500y – Shows floodplain for 500y flood
  • Flood 2009 – Floodplain from 2009 survey
  • Floodways – Looks like where rivers would spill if they flooded
  • Historical Local – Historical points but with no identifying info
  • Historical National – National historical points but no info
  • Hydro – Main water ways
  • Hyrdo Detail – adds in Delaware Run
  • Landmarks bldg1_base – Shows landmarks (fire dpt, townhalls, ems station, hospitals)
  • Landmarks bldg2_base – Shows county and city blds (police stations) and libraries
  • Landmarks cemetery_base – Shows different cemeteries
  • Landmarks Churches – All churches with names, addresses
  • Landmarks – more for USPS locations, golf courses, schools, and parks
  • LBRS Address Points/Street Center Lines – shows addresses with street names, type of residence, ect. Street Center Lines maps the streets with names, locations, addresses, lengths
  • Master Poing – residential addresses with type of residence and other attributes
  • Municipalities – the different municipalities (towns) in Delaware County
  • Natural Heritage – Natural heritage locations with no info
  • Orhtophoto – Aerial photo that is corrected for map distortions so you can perform measurements on it
  • Orthophoto 2008/2010 – There are two orthophotos of Delaware in low and high quality
  • Parcels – Parcel data (address, zip, mailing, acreage, tax, split data, condo status, municipality, school dist.)
  • Parks – the 95 different parks with addresses and aliases
  • POI’s – public buildings (treatment plants, offices, halls, chamber of commerce, etc), cemetaries, churches, golf courses, fire districts, day care, medical centers, schools, school districts
  • Precincts – polling locations and polling precincts
  • PLSS – public land surveys
  • Railroads – Track #, track company, lengths
  • Road Center – road lines, lengths, road names
  • Road ROW – the right of ways for roads (area around roads)
  • School Districts – school districts and bounds
  • Soils – Soil samples (wetness, slope, soil type, etc)
  • Subdivisions – subdivions with areas, condo status, name (Apartment bldg, stores, polaris)
  • TaxDist – Tax districts and names
  • Topology – Divided into towns, series of nodes where elevation and location are mapped
  • Townships – townships (Delaware, Berlin, etc)
  • Township Historical – previous township data (acreage)
  • Watersheds – water sheds with areas, grid #
  • Wetlands – Wetlands locations with environmental classification (forested, emergent, unconsolidated bottom)
  • Woodlands – Every woodland with area and location and nothing else
  • Zip codes – The different zip code districts
  • Zoning – Different zoning areas without names/descriptions besides area

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Im a 21 year old student at OWU studying geology.
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