Project – Urban Habitats

Classifying Urban Habitats:

“Although population growth and its associated urbanization have caused considerable, on-going, habitat degradation and fragmentation, functional examples of quality habitat types remain throughout the metro area…”

Urban/Backyard/Campus:  categories of urban habitats for humans and animals

  • Urban: central city, downtown; dominated by buildings, pavement
  • Backyard: small, privately owned, landscaped “green” areas
    – incorporate high vs low intensity areas based on USGS classifications
  • Campus: larger, landscaped, golf courses, campuses, parks
  • Island: small, isolated natural areas within the urban space

Urban Forest: can provide natural habitats to many species in urban environments

  • Forested boulevards
  • Shade trees

Open Water: usually site for human settlements, but also desirable habitat for many species

  • shallow and deep lakes
  • rivers
  • streams
  • shorelines
Immediate steps to take:
  1. Consult ecology department to refine our definitions/classifications
  2. Walk certain areas to get a better sense of their individual environments

Summary:  We are using an ecological approach to define and map human/animal ecosystems of Delaware County, OH. By drawing from different fields and definitions of biomes and ecosystems, we are creating a classification of urban habitats specific to this landscape, which will then be refined with input from the ecology department. Using GIS data from DALIS, such as parcel data, soil type, and farmlots, we are creating a map of the county based on our ecological framework.

About jfkusin

Im a 21 year old student at OWU studying geology.
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